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Chris is a professional speaker, workshop director, actor and performer who has yet to meet an audience he didn’t love.  He has delivered keynote speeches and assemblies to schools and professional organizations across the country and overseas.  Chris combines his love for performing on stage as an actor and singer with lessons he’s learned in the professional world as an educator, coach, and workshop director to provide a unique experience for every group.  While most use the title “motivational speaker”, Chris prefers the phrase “inspirational entertainer” since he uses jokes, stories, impressions, songs, a bit of “magic” and much more to help groups of all backgrounds and ages have a great time while learning or reinforcing important life lessons and skills that they can use in school, in a professional setting, and in life. 


Chris is also President and Founder of Weaver Training & Development, which focuses on leadership trainings and programs for students and businesses.  He has run programs with his great friend, mentor, and leadership expert Andy Costanzo all across the United States and in China.  He is a District Director and board member for the Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils and also serves on the board for Good Shepherd Catholic School, a private elementary school in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  He is formerly Director of Enrollment Management at a high school, a former Student Council advisor and coach, and also was a paralegal.  Chris spends as much time as he can singing, acting, and performing whenever he has the opportunity to do so, whether it’s for a large audience in a theater or one person in an elevator. 



Chris tailors his message to each audience he is presenting to and takes the time to make sure that his clients – whether it’s a conference, school, or business – have their goals met once he leaves. 


Topics and lessons include:

School and Corporate Team Building (Delivered in Keynote and/or Activity Style)

Making Connections

Personal Motivation

Motivation of Others: Getting the Most Out of Your Peers/Employees

Communication Skills

Leadership Lessons

Identifying Roles as a Member of a Team/Group

Goal Setting

The Value of Others


Experiential Learning

Are you looking for a more energized, connected school community? 
Are you hoping your employees could come together and work more efficiently and effectively together? 
Running a conference and need a keynote that will both inspire and entertain? 
Look no further! 
TRainings & programs 

Hear from Chris about the programs he offers! 

Student Leadership Training

Do you need more from your student leaders?  I love coming in to work with your student council, honor society members, and any other student leaders to make sure that they know what their roles are and help them to focus on what they can do to make your school community connected and energized.  In this interactive, activity-based workshop session, students will both reflect on what they can do in their roles and also get new ideas about how to make this year the best one yet! 


Staff Development Days

Years ago I was walking in to keynote and run a staff development day at a university and one of the employees, who didn’t look thrilled to be there and assumed I was another employee headed into the dreaded staff development, said “I hope this guy isn’t as boring as what we usually have.”  When I was introduced, boy did she look surprised and slightly embarrassed!  At the end of our time together, she came up and shook my hand with a newly-discovered excitement and said “that definitely was NOT boring!  Thank you!” 


Whether at a school or business, it’s important our staff members have a time to connect, consider their roles and contributions, and leave feeling energized and motivated to succeed!  Our staff development days are fun, interactive, and can cover a number of topics based on your needs.  I can provide a keynote, activities to allow collaboration, or a combination of both!  What a great way to bring your staff together!


Board Member Trainings & Workshops

I have been honored to visit a number of boards to inspire members to renew their commitment to the board and organization for which they serve, as well as focus on marketing and fundraising efforts to bring attention and money to non-profits.  These of course are collaborative and activity-based to allow input from all members and encourage creativity in developing board plans.  I have also been brought in to newly-formed boards to solely focus on connecting with other members, goal setting, and improving/establishing board morale.  Does this sound like something your board needs?  Let me know! 


Youth Leadership Camps

Would you like to offer a unique summer camp at your school?  Our Youth Leadership Camps are a great way to bring students into your building over the summer and also provide them with incredibly valuable lessons and skills that will help your students and your school community.  Students learn lessons in Leadership, Communication, Organization, Diversity, Team Building, and also plan and run a Community Service project during the week.  Camps are typically run for students in Grades 5-8 but we can adjust that based on your needs.  For an idea of what our camps look like, take a look at our promo video!   For more information on how to bring one to your school, please click here. 


International Leadership Camps

In an increasingly diverse and globalized society, I think it’s so important for students to learn with and from students who are from different countries and backgrounds.  We offer our International Leadership Camps as a way to do exactly that.  We combine high school students from the United States and China to create a unique, impactful learning experience in the summer.  Check out what past students have said about the experience!


Leadership Curriculum

Are you an administrator or educator looking to incorporate regular lessons in leadership and life skills into your curriculum?  We can provide you with lesson plans, staff training, and activities so that you too can teach these important lessons in fun and exciting ways.  We also remain available throughout the year to supplement the curriculum with keynote assemblies as well as regular communication with the school/teachers to provide feedback and answer questions.  These lessons are a great supplement to any curriculum without changing the school schedule!  


Thanks for being in touch!

Chris was energetic, animated, and funny - but most of all, he got a message through to our students that each of them was important and must be valued as such. 
                            - Cindy Koons
                               Pincipal, St. Albert the Great School 
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